Mönckebergstrasse 1

Mönckebergstrasse 1

The new iconic entrance to Hamburg’s city centre.

After a long period of scaffolding, the new facade at Mönckebergstrasse 1 has now been completed. The old tiled facade by Egon Eiermann on the former Horten department store from 1968 had seen better days and needed to be refurbished.

The developer sent out invitations for the ceremonial unveiling of the new entrance to Hamburg’s city centre – and everyone came.

Senator Dr. Stapelfeldt and the architect Christian F. Heine spoke before answering questions from the numerous members of the press, radio and television.
The thoroughly positive response to the modern facade was evident the next day, including on the title page of BILD newspaper.

The Barfleas provided musical accompaniment throughout the event and the guests were treated to culinary delights from Tim Wälzer, who made a personal appearance along with his company, Speisenwerft.

Planning and execution of the event: unit III consulting